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  •        世界上最复杂的就是人,这个复杂表现在我们的思想、情感和外部的生存环境上。尤其是现代的人,比任何一个时代显得烦恼、压力都重一些。 这个时代如果想更从容一点,找到生命的真实的意义,就是要修“道”,开发我们的智慧。 世界上最简单的也是人,佛就是最简单的人,佛不是普通的人,佛字就是亻+弗,佛一无所有,可是一切都可以具备!
  •        Human being is the most complex being in the world. This complexity is reflected in our thoughts, emotions and external living environment.
  •        Especially in modern times, the trouble and pressure of people are a little heavier than the other times. In this age, if one wants to be free and find the real meaning of life, he needs practice Zen to realize wisdom.
  •         The simplest being is human being, too. Buddha is the simplest human. Buddha is not an ordinary person. 'Buddha' is 'human' plus 'nothing' in Chinese characters. Buddha owns nothing, but contains everything.
  • 【找到生命的意义需要修道】
  • 【It needs Zen practice to find the meaning of life】
  • 开示时间:2015年5月13日
  • Date:May 13th, 2015
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